Top 5 Themes of 2016  

Rustic Bike


There are so many creative ways for you to personalise your wedding theme, many will involve a keen eye for a bargain or getting familiar with your DIY skills, you can be creative as you like and mix it up, there are no rules for the weddings of 2016 so use this guide to give you some inspiration and set you on your DIY way!

 Rustic Country / Shabby Chic

This has to be one of the most popular themes of recent years, the idea is that you threw together the wedding using pieces from around the farm which managed to look effortlessly stylish and chic placed together. A theme like this will require access to your venue for at least 12hrs before the big day to allow you to set up all of the little extras. Think wine box flower pots, rustic country bunting made from your Gran’s old fabrics, an old bike with flowers spilling from it’s basket and table flowers which look freshly picked from the fields. Find some perfect items here.

Summer Wedding

 Yellow / Lavender / Pink and other pastel colours

Pastel colours make for a great muted theme which can make your day look beautiful and tasteful. The idea here is to find one shade of the pastel tone you love, save it, pin it and carry it with you so when you are picking everything from your bridesmaids dresses to accents in your flowers in bouquets and table decorations. Also consider supporting with another colour, how about pastel pink and gold? Retailers such as Confetti sell a fantastic range of decorations in these pastel colours. Explore your colour options here!



This is the all about the glam and glorious. You’ll need a much more polished venue for this theme to be truly impactful. Just because you’ll be adorning your tables with ornate candles and flower decorations doesn’t mean your budget has to sky rocket, if you have time; you can buy products cheaply from second hand stores and thrift markets, polish them up and get creative!


First things first,  The Great Gatsby is a great place to start to get an idea of what your wedding celebration could feel like. Think flappers, glamour and champagne, it’s no wonder this is a great theme for a wedding! To set the theme off you may want to inform your guests of the theme so they can dress in their 20s attire and perhaps supply 20s props to those not so inclined to go all out with a costume. This theme is also all about the props, so think a 20s record player, old suitcases and copious whiskey and rum crystal decanters! Entertainment could entail a vintage band or even a 20s Charlston dance class.

Great Gatsby 1920s car

 Colour pop

The ultimate in fun carefree wedding styling where anything goes! Flamingo table stands? Spray painted pineapples? 100 balloons in the colour of the rainbow? More the better for this theme where you can instantly set the tone of your wedding and have plenty of items for your wedding party to admire.