The National Wedding Show Review : Should You Attend?

It can be hard as a bride to be to decide which bridal show is best for what you need and will give you and your friend/fiancé/mum a fun but useful day out. Within the UK we are treated to many national shows such as Brides The Show, The National Wedding Show, Luxury Wedding Show as well as hundreds of local shows! So once you’ve picked one…how do you get the most out of it? Here is our handy Wedding Fair guide to help you through the day…

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Here are our top tips!

  1. Choose the right show

You will find that the big national shows (The National Wedding Show, Brides the Show etc) are fantastic for giving you some inspiration and more girly treats on the day but the suppliers also tend to be bigger, professional and more expensive. By contrast a smaller local show will have cheaper local suppliers but the show as a whole will be much smaller and may miss out on fun attraction like the catwalk or champagne bar etc.  The solution? Try and attend both! Generally, wedding fairs are cheap and give you some great inspiration for your big day so try and attend at least two to get the most of these fun events.

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  1. Choose your location

An obvious one but it is important to remember that the localised suppliers will attend these shows therefore, always try to go to shows near to where your wedding is to be located, not just where you live!

  1. Avoid a sales trap

Bear in mind that many local shows are put on by a particular hotel therefore these shows will often not have alternative venue owners present. Try not to get roped in on the day to signing up to a venue without researching your options!

  1. Take a female companion

Although these shows can be great fun to attend with you fiancé, you will find that catwalk shows, beauty stands and wedding dress suppliers etc will appeal to your bridesmaids, friends and female family members; so you may find you get more from the day if you take a female companion.

  1. Try and calculate a budget beforehand

This will really help if you do find a supplier with a price that seems too good to resist. Many suppliers will offer one day only show special offers so if you find the perfect florist or band it may be a great opportunity to get them booked in.

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  1. Take a small notepad

Take notes, whether it’s things to remember to avoid or ideas that come to you on you walk around the show or names of your favourite suppliers, a note pad can be an `essential tool for a wedding show.

  1. Take lots of pictures

The more the better!

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  1. Don’t let it stress you out!

If all you take from the day is that you had fun with your friends and started to get an idea of what you do (or really don’t) want at your wedding then the day has been a big success!

  1. Try not to get wrapped up in the drama

The big crowds, the beautiful dresses, the nice makeup and veils can be all too much and when you add a good sales men to the mix; it can be difficult to resist a wedding dress at 50% discount. Remember that you don’t have to buy there and then and if you do chose to make a big purchase that you spend time thinking about your options and if this is what you really want. Remember that many online retailers such as Phase Eight or ASOS can also sell beautiful bridal wear for a fraction of the cost of the larger Bridal Boutiques!

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  1. For the super organised…

If you like many suppliers you may find yourself giving your contact details to many different people. To save time you may want to photocopy a piece of paper with your details to hand out to suppliers or go a step further and get stickers made. To protect yourself from getting lots of spam email many also set up a special wedding email address!