8 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Balloon

Yes it’s the most romantic (or tragic) day of the year coming up and whether you have a plan to spend it with that special someone or not, we think you should put something in the diary to make it an enjoyable one, whether you’re single OR in a relationship 🙂

For Couples…

  1. Cosy night in!

Put on a film or get stuck into a new TV Series and get cuddled up by the fire (or radiator). Maybe wear some matching pajamas for the ultimate in cheese-fest!

  1. Escape for the weekend

There is something very romantic about getting out of your normal surroundings for a while and escaping the clutches of normal life…even if it’s just for a weekend! Daily deal sites like Groupon provide great cheap options for you to escape on the cheap. Whether it’s a country getaway, city break or even a quick beach holiday, you will usually find a good deal to meet your budget.

  1. Do something outside!

It is a proven fact that doing exercise can increase endorphin’s, making you feel happier! Mix that with the romantic bliss you’ll feel on Valentine ’s Day and it’s a win-win situation! This option is perfect for those who want to avoid the cheesy staring into each other’s eyes montage but rather have a little healthy competition over zorbing down a hill! Somewhere like Virgin Experience Days can provide some exciting stuff to do! If you are on a budget why not download the Geo-caching app and go on a treasure hunt in your local area for free!

Zorbing with Virgin Experience Days

4. Keep it simple…buy some flowers!

There are a few basics for Valentine ’s Day that never get old! A nice bunch of flowers is an easy way to make anybody smile! Either take advantage of some great deals that the flower retailers will be running in the weeks running up to the big day or create your own bunch from the garden!

Valentines Day Flowers
Valentines Day Flowers at Arena
  1. Get Creative!

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than making your own card for your loved one.  Also add some humour to your day with some ‘love coupons’ for a week of TV remote ownership, a 30 min massage or a meal out at their favourite restaurant! Whilst we’re on the topic of meals, why not cook your valentines a gorgeous meal from scratch? Use a rich and tasty recipe from your favourite cookery book and allow lots of time before and after for wine consumption! Add some creative Valentine’s day decorations to make it a truly memorable one!

valentines day wreath
Valentines Day Wreath at Etsy.com
  1. Have a cooking competition!

Another way to add some healthy competition to your valentine’s day could be to have a cook off! Challenge your loved one to a competition over who can create the best masterpiece. Divide up the work, one of you does the starter; one does the main and perhaps share a dessert creation.  Time and score your opponent to add some humor to the evening!

  1. The classic…Dinner and a Movie!

It wouldn’t be a Valentine ’s Day guide without the classic…Dinner and a Movie! Although this is a great way to have a nice chat, eat some great food then get engrossed in a good film, you may also face the crowds of couples who are planning the same thing! Make sure you plan ahead and book a good table and cinema seats OR, save on the V-day premiums and go a few days either side of the big day for a quieter evening!

  1. Have a laugh

Going to a comedy show is a great way to enjoy valentine’s day with your loved one in a not-too cheesy fashion, especially as laughing can induce endorphins! The compere is sure to pick on all the happy couples in the audience which can be hilarious, just don’t sit too far to the front if you don’t want to be picked on!

Comedy Show for Two with Virgin Experience Days

And for those not so inclined…

  1. Hold an Anti -Valentine’s Day party

For those who saw the film Valentine’s Day you will have witnessed Jessica Biel furiously whacking a love hard piñata with a bat. Not only did we find this scene hilarious but we also HAD to get ourselves one! You can find an identical Anti-valentine’s day heart here! You can throw this party and invite all of your friends who despise the day which by some interpretations has turned into a cheese –fest!  If you are going the whole hog, buy some black balloons and put on some ‘single girl’ movies!

Anti-valentines day heart Pinata
Anti-valentines day heart Pinata at Amazon!
  1. Have an enjoyable night alone

For those who wish to spend the evening in a less aggressive manner,  Valentine’s day also give you the opportunity to enjoy a cosy night in alone or with a good book at a time when everyone else is out spending money satisfying their other half’s. We think you should still spread the love though and send a card to that special someone…your mum, sister…or dog to let them know they are loved 🙂