Fun and Easy to Understand Party Games


We’ve all been there, the party has gotten stale and it’s time to inject some life and soul back into your celebration! We’ve compiled some of the greatest (and cheapest) group party games so you can continue the party the celebration whether you will be enjoying alcohol or not!

Alcohol Free / Optional

Balloon pass

This game is fast paced and hilarious with a big group! Grab some balloons and split your party into two groups. Arrange your two teams in rows and set a start and finish line.

Ideally you want at least 3 or four people per row, any more than 10 and you might want to create three groups. Give a balloon to the first person in the queue for them to hold between their legs then start the game, each team member must pass the balloon to the next team member down the line without the use of their hands. First team to reach the finish line by passing the balloon between each other wins.


An absolute classic, team up into pairs, preferably pairs who don’t know each other as well; then get a timer on your phone and have everyone in the game write down 5 names each, which go into a hat. One member of each pair selects a word from out of the hat and has to get their partner to guess the game. Each pair is timed and rules should apply where there is no speaking or making noise which could help your partner. Whether you are acting out your favourite films or impersonating your fave celebrity, this game is sure to bring some energy to the party.

Musical chairs

Great for all ages and is a hilarious way to keep people entertained. All you need is a music, enough chairs for all but one of your party to sit on and someone to operate the music!

Two truths and a lie

This is a great game to help a group of people get to know each other better, alcohol can be integrated to liven up this game but the premise is simple, a person tells the group two truths and a lie about themselves. Those who incorrectly guess the lie lose!

The cereal box game

One of the funniest games to play in a group of any age bracket. Grab a cereal box, place on the floor and ask each player to pick up the box from the floor, without using their hands! Each time the box is successfully collected from the floor, remove a layer of the cardboard. As you get further down the box players will drop out and be disqualified if they fall over during an elaborate lunge or if they can’t reach the box on the floor. Play the game until you run out of cardboard and declare your winner for the last piece! Note: this game is not for the inflexible or easily injured!


A fairly simple but funny game, ideally suited to children. Roll a dice and the person with the lowest number closes their eyes, between the rest of the party a decision is made of who is going to make the first ‘Oink’. If the person closing their eyes cannot guess the ‘Oinker’ in the first 2 guesses then they must do a pre-organised forfeit.

The Sticker Game

A great game to cultivate some engry between a group of kids or adults. Each player is given a sheet of stickers, and is set a task of getting rid of all of their sticks by attaching them to their fellow team mates without them noticing. The first player with an empty sheet wins! The catch is, if you are caught sticking your sticker to another player then that player can stick a sticker on you!

Who am I?

A classic game with many variations, ideal as post-dinner entertainer. One game owner writes a number of names on a post-it and gives them out to the players for them to stick to their forehead. Each player asks one question at a time to guess who they are. Questions can only have Yes or No answers. The first person to guess their name wins!

The Shaving Game

For those (adults) who are opting for a slightly more messy game, the shaving game can be very entertaining. Players divide into pairs and one person in each pair holds a balloon in their mouth whilst their partner covers the balloon with shaving cream or whipped cream. The challenge is to have their partner carefully remove all of the cream with a razor. Race against other pairs and the first team to reach the end with a bald , blown up balloon wins! However, if you shave the balloon too quickly or hard you may end up with a face full of cream!

Quirk Alert Bingo 

This game is a play on the classic game of taboo but instead of announcing the words to avoid you give each player a bingo card. This game is most suitable when people at the party know each other well. Everyone privately marks on the card the predictable behaviours or sayings of the other members of the game. For example, each time your friend talks about their Boyfriend or your other friend complains about their job. Once someone has ticked all of their boxes and hit bingo, they win the game!

Alcohol Induced…



A fun drinking game where the more you play, the harder it gets to play as you progressively get more drunk. Chose words at the start of the game which cannot be said throughout the evening or perhaps as an added rule to your other drinking game. Every time a person says a taboo word, they must drink. Simple!

Beer pong

A fun and active game, perfect for a larger group at the start of their evening of drinking. All you’ll need is some disposable cups and a ping pong ball.  Check out the full game rules and picture guide here.

Ring of Fire

A real classic when it comes to drinking games; Ring of Fire (also called King’s Circle of Death or Kings Cup) is a drinking game that uses playing cards. You’ll need a pack of cards, a cup in the centre of the table and a rule sheet just like the below. Someone shuffles the cards and lays them out face down around the base of the cup, ensuring the cards are spread evenly and there are no breakages in the circle.

Ring of Fire Rules

Those who break the circle of cards drink the drink from the cup in the middle of the table. Each player takes their turn to pick a card and perform the action according to the rule sheet below. This game is hilarious, exciting and dangerous!

“I Have Never”

Simple and can be taken to an extreme level when alcohol is involved but the basic premise is you take turns around the table naming something you have never done. Those from the party who have done that particular activity drink.

Save the Queen

Great for continuing the party into bars and clubs for the evening. Find yourself a coin with the queens head and keep it handy when your unsuspecting friends have their eye off their drink. Drop the coin in their drink, doing this means they have to Save The Queen and drink their drink as fast as possible. Once finished they then hold the coin to drop in another party goer’s drink.