15 Ways to Throw a Party Like a Celebrity

Khloe Kardashian Instagram

1. (Don’t) set a budget

The only way to throw a celebrity inspired bash is to basically not set a budget and let the party run wild. Of course, not all of us can afford to spend millions on their bash like Wayne Rooney (spending a reported £5 million on his wedding) or even our favourite Royals Kate and Will who spent a whopping £40 million on their wedding celebrations (with half of this being spent on security alone!). For those more budget conscious, invest in some expensive looking decorations which won’t break the bank or make your own!

Madonna Hollywood Theme

2. Get a killer guest-list

Invite only the high profile people, those who will not show you up or embarrass you once they arrive. We’ve all seen what happens when stars are plied with free alcohol and sent out to the waiting throngs of paparazzi.

3. Set a theme

Many of our favourite celebs have put on legendary themes to celebrate; Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Carnival, Beach and masquerade themes are all ones our fave celebs have tried but our favourites have to be good old classic Hollywood Party Theme!


4. Make an entrance

Get a red carpet…just for fun 😉

5. Plan a show stopping outfit

You at the centre of attention and need an outfit to really turn heads. Shop at ASOS for the best selection of classic and modern party dresses!

Show stopping outfit

6. Parade over social media

Its all about the selfie or cryptic Instagram…just make sure you don’t post after a few too many champagnes!


7. Serve stylish food

No party would be complete without some luxurious local and exotic fare. Serve on a silver tray if at all possible!



8. Recognise eachother

Some of the best and most notorious celebrity bashes have been to celebrate a huge award show. Why not get your own awards in and do a faux-grammy’s night?

Oscar Trophy
Award Trophy: Amazon.co.uk

9. Buy some champagne sparklers

Make your entrance and parade your Don’perignon (or Tesco’s finest champers)

champagne Sparklers
Champagne Sparklers: Amazon.co.uk

10. Turn the music up LOUD

Get some amazing speakers and ask an amazing DJ to play all night, or use Spotify!

ION Audio Block Rocker M5 Speakers
ION Audio Block Rocker M5 Speakers


11. Keep people entertained

No matter what your budget, whether you’ve got Ellie Golding or Justin Timberlake singing at your bash you can see keep people dancing and entertained all night. For those with a more realistic budget…why not try cards against humanity! This game will make your party a very memorable and shocking one. Perfect!


12. Get a legendary venue

Whether its Prince Harry in Vegas, Kim Kardashian in an Italian Villa or Leonardo DiCaprio at a Beverly Hills Mansion, your venue is the setting for debauchery to ensue. If you choose the classic house party make sure you decorate it in a classic Hollywood style!


13. Photobooth

Celebrities are vein creatures and a photobooth is an essential addition to any big bash. Many photos have circulated of our favourite Kardashians posing inside photobooths at their latest celebrations. Find some great Photobooth props …or make your own!


14. Keep the alcohol flowing

Nobody likes a party to go dry to ensure you are well stocked!

15. Don’t stop the party

In order for your party to be legendary you must let the fun carry on for days at a time, Kate Moss stunned everyone with her 3 day party extravaganza, only to be topped by Paris Hilton’s five day celebration, taking place in 4 international cities around the world!